Monday, January 12, 2009

Winners Announced

The five winners of the summit are listed below along with a description from their project proposals. Details of grant amount are coming soon.

Civic Spark: To build CivicSpark, a scalable online legislation tracking and communications toolkit for local legislatures, designed to meet civic participation and governmental transparency needs of local legislative bodies and the citizens who elect them. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit service integrated into Knowledge As Power’s (KAP) suite of tools, CivicSpark will allow cash-strapped local governments to take a big leap forward in technology, increasing their transparency and efficacy without bloating their budgets. For citizens, CivicSpark will provide unprecedented online access to the local lawmaking process, increasing civic participation and dialogue between citizens and electeds.

Young People First: Mobilize young Americans around critical long-term problems in order to hold America’s leaders accountable to building a prosperous future for all generations and to inspire each other to challenge ourselves and each other to come up with creative solutions for long term problems.

Youth Civics 2.0: Youth Civics 2.0 is a new incentive-oriented project to encourage youth to answer their own questions about civics. Youth Civics 2.0 is a project that combines elements of collaboration and competition. Youth compete to complete a series of civic minded / youth nonprofit supporting tasks, to win one of 100 Flip video cameras.

School Board 2.0: The Pike County Youth Coalition submits the project School Board 2.0 as a youth-led initiative to bring transparency and accountability to the Delaware Valley School Board of Pike County, Pennsylvania through modern technology. This effort will simultaneously seek to engage more voices, particularly young voices, in school board deliberations using the latest in Web 2.0 tools and social networking .

School Board 2.0 will be an online platform, branded differently and hosted externally from the Pike County Youth Coalition’s own Web site, that will offer the opportunity for any community member to fully witness and understand the issues before the school board at any given time from a remote online location. Funding will pay for necessary equipment and stipends for local students who will operate the system.

Only Up: The only way is up., a membership project of young people interested in nonprofit service, seeks to support young people and nonprofits by advocating for the needs of young nonprofit employees. The project will also address barriers currently discouraging young people from choosing careers in nonprofits.

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